Grant Cardone talks about Scientology

Grant Cardone, Author of the “The 10X Rule,” international motivational speaker, radio show host, entrepreneur and Scientologist is interviewed by Coach Micheal Burt. This was streamed live on March 11th 2014.

Micheal: “When you get down on swag….who are the people you’re studying right now that keeps your fire burning?”

Grant: “Well I’ll tell you, this is a very controversial answer I’m about to give to you ok?…
I refuse to fail in this lifetime ok? And I will seek out any advice and any information that will get me better. Clearly, clearly, the educational system in this country and most of the advice we get from TV and radio is not good. I have read, oh I don’t even know how many L. Ron Hubbard Books. L. Ron Hubbard, The Founder of the Church of Scientology. I’ve done books, courses, the amount of powerful, quality content that’s rational and analytical that is available there for a person to improve their business, their finances, their personal life, their marital life, their kids, is unbelievable! So anybody that says something negative about Scientology or L. Ron Hubbard, they have only not read a book. Because the information, when a rational person reads the information in those books, there is nothing weird about it.

“Some of the most successful businessmen in the world… I’m talking about some power players, some of the most successful businessmen on this planet have been using Scientology for years to bring balance, organization and expansion into their lives.”

Micheal: “And this has got a lot of bad press obviously around the country.”

Grant: “What new thing doesn’t get bad press?”

Micheal: “That’s right… Because, hey, let’s go first let’s go through the four steps. First you gotta get attention. Then you get criticism. Then you drive haters.

Grant: “And then they love ya!”

Micheal: “Then you get admiration. Four steps”

Grant: “That’s what they did to Jesus man!”

Micheal: “Well you know I was just going back and re-reading some of 10X in preparation for today and I caught a line that I didn’t catch the first time, first couple of times through. Is that “When an obsessive person becomes successful, they’re no longer labeled obsessive, they’re labeled geniuses” right?

Grant: “Yeah yeah, exactly. See, look at a guy like Jesus. Whether you believe in Jesus or don’t or support that or don’t. Look man, Jesus was a player. Jesus was “I’m getting out of obscurity, you’re gonna know me, I’m gonna tell you what I believed in, I don’t care if you like it or not. In fact, you know what? I’m willing to stand up for what I believe in. If you need to put a freakin crucifix on my head, if you need to put a freakin knife in my chest, if you need to nail me to a cross, let’s roll. Let’s roll brother” ”

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This video answers the question “Is Grant Cardone a Scientologist?” Yes he is. Take one of the courses or read one of the books that Grant Cardone is talking about and recommends here:

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