How I Earn $1000 With ClickBank With Just One Hour Of Work | Clickbank and Craigslist

How I Earn 00 With ClickBank With Just One Hour Of Work | Clickbank and Craigslist

Before I start getting into this article let me start off by saying that I have only been successfully marketing as an affiliate online since the beginning of July… and I empahsize the world successfully very heavily. Before July I had fallen victim to dozens of scams that promised to make me riches overnight which I desperately needed then. It wasn’t until I came across a site with a legitimate offer that my life completely changed.

Most of these get-rick quick programs that I fell prey to really only had one thing in common (other than stealing my money of course) and that was that I had been led to them from job listings on Craigslist. I’m sure you have come across them before: “Work From Home Positions Available,” “Survey Takers Needed,” “Millionaire Needs Partner,” etc. I often wondered why people would post these kind of scams on Criagslist and I soon discovered exactly why: because they make money for every person that pays for the program.

From all of the scams I had fallen victim to for nearly a year, I found out that most marketers made their money from a place called ClickBank and this is where most of those scammers on Craigslist made their money as well. After checking out the site and signing up I saw the different products and programs I could promote and came up with a plan.

How I Make Money Marketing on Craigslist

Step 1: Find a product that is great and legit for the customer. I researched all the different programs available over the course of many hours in attempt to validate how reliable it is and how happy other customers are with it.

Step 2: Make sure the product I choose to promote is right for me. The kinds of products I look for have a great sales percentage, high commission percentage and great re-bill percentage (more money for me each month). By looking for the right products, those products will easily sell themselves.

Step 3: Find cities I can post in for free. I don’t want to pay for advertising especially when I can do it for free so I come up with a short list of the different cities around the U.S that I can post in for free. Then I come up with another short list that consists of the cities that have the most traffic coming to them.

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