How To Become A YouTube Partner 2014

How To Become A YouTube Partner – 2014 — David Walsh shows you how to become a YouTube Partner and also how to add Monetization to your YouTube Channel so you can make money from your YouTube Videos.

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David Walsh is an expert in video marketing, information marketing, high end membership site creation and product launches. If you are looking to drive traffic to your business with YouTube check out David’s tutorials to help you become better! If you are not, check out David’s tutorials to help you create a better YouTube Channel for more viewers and subscribers.

How To Become A YouTube Partner – 2014

0:00 I’m going show you how to become a YouTube Partner. Becoming a YouTube Partner gives you a lot of extra functionality on your YouTube Channel, just by verifying your account and becoming a YouTube Partner.

0:38 But, after all the updates on YouTube recently, things have got moved around and may not be in the exact same place. So, I am going to show you how to become a Partner in this updated video.

0:49 Here I am in a channel, and this channel is less than a day old, so you don’t need to
have any views, any subscribers or anything on your channel in order to become a YouTube

1:00 To become a Partner, you go up to the top and click on ‘Dashboard’ and then on the left hand side click on ‘Channel Settings’. Here you have all your options, here, on the page. To become a Partner, click on the Verified button. The advantages of this is that you get external annotations, ou get a lot of other features, including longer videos, etc on your YouTube channel.

1:30 To do so, click on ‘Verify’, select your country and select whether you want them to call with an automated message, giving you a verification code, or a text message.

1:44 I’m going to send a text message. I put in my number and then they come back with my verification code. I’ve got the number from YouTube and I just put it in here, and then click on ‘Submit’.

2:03 It says ‘Congratulations, your YouTube account is now verified’, click on continue and you’ll see all of these green icons pop up here. Now, there are a number of ones that don’t. Content ID appears after 30 days, so you need to give that time.

2:19 Paid subscriptions come when you have 10,000 subscribers or more. Now, the other thing we have here is monetization, which is completely separate from being a YouTube Partner. Monetization is where you earn money on your videos, by then putting advertising on the front of your videos or displaying ads over them.

2:55 To get this, just click on ‘Enable’, and then click on ‘Enable my account’. You agree to the terms and conditions, click on ‘I Accept’. Then click on ‘Got It’. And there we go, you have that set up.

3:11 If we go back to ‘Channel Settings’, again, you’ll see that monetization is now ‘Enabled’. And if you want Live Events, click on the button to enable it.

3:27 Go back and you’ll see that we have ‘Live Events’ now set up. And, again, we have zero views, zero videos, zero subscribers, so, you can easily and quickly set those up.

3:41 That is how to become a YouTube Partner and you’ll see that you’ve got ‘Partner Verified’ there, and, also, monetization on your YouTube channel. One thing about monetization is that it is available in 20 plus countries around the world, and if you’re lucky enough to be in one of those 20+ countries, you have to be 18 or above.

So, if you are in one of those countries and you’re under 18, you can get a family member or a friend who is over 18, to connect a Google AdSense account to your YouTube channel and that way you can have monetization and earn money from your videos. But that is a topic for a separate video.

4:19 So, that is how you become a YouTube Partner. Now, you don’t get money from being a YouTube Partner that comes from monetization, which I have explained.

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How To Become A YouTube Partner – 2014
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