How to become a YouTube Partner 2015

How to become a YouTube Partner 2015

Hey Guys , so this is a tutorial on how to become a youtube partner
and to make a google adsense account in all the countries of the world !
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How To Become A YouTube Partner – UPDATE: Click To Watch Now.

Update –

Click Here: One of the more popular questions asked about YouTube is, how to do I become a YouTube Partner? Becoming a YouTube Partner is very easy.

The issue with this is that what people believe they get when they become a Partner is different than what they actually get…

Becoming a YouTube Partner has a lot of advantages, even under the current setup.

Being a Partner allows you to have Customized Thumbnails, External Links in Annotations as well as being able to Monetize your YouTube videos.

What a current YouTube Partner can’t do is to totally customize the interface of their channel like they used to before when they became a Partner. This is still possible, but it’s not through the route that it used to be a few years ago.

To become a Partner, you need to Verify your account. This is done either by a voice call to your mobile or land line, or an SMS text message sent to your mobile. Once you do that, you’ll have a number of options now available to you.

You’ll then see the green icons on your Channel Settings.

The last thing you need to do is to Monetize your videos and once you agree to their Terms & Conditions, then you’ll have full customization on your Channel.

To see these steps go to:
01:46 Verifying your account
02:15 Channel Features
03:01 Monetizing your Account
03:30 Agreeing to Terms & Conditions
03:42 updated Channel Settings
04:12 One Channel
04:42 How to become an old style YouTube Partner

To become an old style YouTube Partner, the best way to do is by joining a Partner Network.

These will help you monetize your videos and you’ll be able to customize your Channel interface so you can add a banner on the top and have links to your site, where ever you want.

There are many networks and many opportunities to be able to join them. If you don’t become a Partner with one of them, you may be able to join another one. Each have their own requirements so one may be easier for you than another.

That’s how you become a YouTube Partner. It may not be how you expect, but that’s how YouTube are doing it now. If you want to become a full partner, then apply to one of the Partner Networks.

For a list of YouTube Partner Networks that you can apply to, just go to:

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