How To Buy And Sell Houses For Profit – Start With The End In Mind – How To Buy And Sell Houses For Profit

Many people assume that the easiest way of how to buy and sell houses for a profit is a quick paint job and yard clean up …. You’re done!

Wrong, it’s really not that simple.

I’ve done this many times and I really enjoy it. But, if you’re wrong it can really hurt.

The team you’ll need is:

 Realtor
 Contractor/Plumber/Electrician
 Handyman
 Lawyer
 Banker
If you have some of these skills it can save you some money but take your time.

How to buy and sell houses for profit … start with the end in mind.

Create your plan and timeline.
Present the plan to your realtor and they’ll be able to give you a ballpark of the estimated listing price on completion.

Put together your costs including holding costs, legal fees, realtor fees, taxes, contingency funds and of course, PROFIT….

Take the projected listing price less all costs and you have the maximum price you should pay for the house.

That’s a lot of risk and work …

I enjoyed it, but really wanted to find something a little less risky.

What I found is an amazing way to earn great income, no risk, residual income….and it will help me fund future real estate deals.

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See you there!

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