How To Create A Profitable Amazon Affiliate Website

How To Create A Profitable Amazon Affiliate Website

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Learn how to easily create a profitable Amazon affiliate website by picking a niche and making a product review website that gets searched for and found in Google. I show you how to get these sites ranked with a unique review site structure that is tried and tested and works! – Inside this video you’ll learn some of the strategies I use on my own sites to make them profitable. For example, I discuss where you should be placing your amazon affiliate links and how you should present them.

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Want to learn how to make money selling Amazon products? Check out this comprehensive tutorial to see how to find Amazon products and promote them to make a big profit! In just 2 easy steps, you can start earning commissions like a pro in no time!

The simplest way to start is just to go directly to Amazon. Choose a category that looks interesting to you to begin your search for products. Then just click on the “bestsellers” button to see all the top products in your category. When looking at a product, you’ll want to take a look at how long it’s been selling well. If the product has a low number, it may be just a trend. Search through several pages when considering which products to choose, and try to come up with a general theme for your niche site. Make sure that you check out each product’s customer reviews; you want to promote products that are 4-stars or better. Lastly, the best products for you are higher priced. Expensive products often sell just as well as cheap ones, and they’ll bring in greater commissions for you!

Once you have a good selection of products that fit into an overall theme, then it’s time to create your website! Watch for a demonstration of a profitable review site, and see how each page works together to get maximum impact in Google rankings. The Amazon autocomplete search tool is highly recommended for your site, as it’s been proven to increase conversions, and is well worth the investment. Another helpful tool is the Clickbump theme for WordPress, which sorts your products into useful, easy to read categories.

Check out some examples in the video of how reviews are done, and get very helpful tips on how to add links and helpful information for the absolute best results!

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