How To Do Marketing on Facebook

Facebook offers a lot of potential for people who want to engage in Social Media marketing. Just like any other marketing effort, you need to learn the basics and dynamics of this particular social networking site in order to maximize its full potential. This does not mean however that marketing on Facebook takes a totally different form. It is basically the same although you just have to learn how to use the different tools available for you and be consistent with your efforts.

You have to take note though that Facebook is the worlds most visited site. Very recently, it surpassed Google and is tightly holding on to its spot. Facebook offers a lot of potential for you to market your products and services and it also offers a very good avenue to market and build your brand. Here are some ways on how you can promote yourself on Facebook:

1. Facebook ads. This can work perfectly for people who have enough budget to advertise their products on Facebook. Advertising your brand on Facebook can be a good way to reach a wide audience and you can custom your campaign depending on what you are selling or promoting, or on your customer base. Facebook can also allow you to specifically target your audience given the dynamic Facebook platform.

2. Fan pages. This is perhaps the easiest marketing tool that is available on Facebook. This particular tool is free and you can create your own fan page in less than five minutes. Considering the nature of social media marketing, you should always provide a venue for you and your customer interact and a fan page can provide as that. You can meet with your fans there and discuss several issues. Your fans can also post questions on your fan page and you can respond to them thereby increasing customer interest and retention.

3. Share valuable information, tips and advice. You have to learn how to maximize your Facebook profile. whenever possible, do not be ‘just there. You still have to provide your customers with good an quality content so that your friends and potential customers will be constantly following you. You can do this by updating your status every now and then and this is also a good way to reach out to your customers an promote any upcoming events. Status messages can be shared publicly so that all of your friends, or even those who check out your profile, can read your messages.


Phillip Parisis is an expert online business coach with over 11 years experience in creating, elevating and dominating in a variety of online ventures. He now provides information for new online businesses for free. You can visit his blog by clicking here now.

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