Jewelry is a popular item that is sold in every marketplace, whether you go into a physical retail store or an online ecommerce website. For those who create their own handmade jewelry, it can be difficult to get their products seen with all the other branded jewelry flooding the marketplace. That is what makes selling jewelry on Etsy such a powerful thing for new sellers. Etsy is an online marketplace where people can buy and sell vintage or handmade items, like jewelry. Most people wonder how to sell on Etsy because its format and navigation look different than the more popular online marketplaces, like eBay. All you have to do is go to and sign up for a free Etsy store. Then you can fill that store with all of the jewelry products that you have available in your inventory. The listing process should be familiar if you have ever sold on eBay before. You just upload a digital picture of your product and then fill in the attributes and description of the product. It only costs .20 to list each item for sale in your Etsy store, and the listings will expire after four months. This gives sellers plenty of time to gain exposure to their listings and obtain a number of followers to their store.
The trick to selling on Etsy is originality. If you plan on going out to a Chinese manufacturer and purchasing thousands of fashion rings for the purpose of resale on Etsy, then you should think again. It is very difficult to get hits to your Etsy listings if you end up selling generic fashion jewelry that can be purchased anywhere. What makes Etsy products so special is the originality and creativity that go into them. Now you might think eBay would still be better because they offer sellers 50 free listings per month. But the problem with eBay is the auction listings end after 7 to 10 days, and then you have to relist them again. Not only that, your vintage jewelry listings will get buried under the millions of other jewelry listings on the website. Etsy is still small enough to where your listings won’t get buried under many other lists. But at the same time, the website has enough relevant traffic from people who are specifically looking for vintage and handmade jewelry. So if you have this kind of jewelry to sell, you are bound to get interested buyers looking at your listings within the first week.
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