How To Test For Gold | Gold Testing For Fake Countefeit Coin Tester Balance (Not The Fisch)

Gold Coin Gauge is available from:

The Gold Coin Gauge is a handy little gadget for on-the-spot testing of 1oz gold coins of the following denominations:

Gold Eagle
Gold Maple Leaf
Gold Panda
Gold Philharmonic
Gold Buffalo
Gold Krugerrand
Gold Kangaroo

This coin scale is similar to The Fisch but costs a lot less.
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 MILLION Gold Coins Found Buried in Backyard Bonanza

A couple from California were walking their dog in on their property when they stumbled across a backyard bonanza: million in mint-condition rare gold coins near one of their old trees. Astoundingly, almost all of the 1,427 coins with dates ranging from 1847 to 1894, were in uncirculated condition, according to a report in The Daily Mail of London.

What makes their find particularly valuable is that almost all of the coins are in near-perfect condition.
Because paper money was illegal in California until the 1870s,

It is quite rare to find any gold or silver coins of that quality dated prior to 1870 since that back then people paid for goods and services in gold and silver coins generally showed plenty of wear.

And speaking paper money, how are those inflationary Federal Reserve fiat based paper notes workin’ for ya’?

Back in 1913 when they were first printed, a dollar was backed by a dollar in gold. Today, after a century of inflation, that 1913 paper dollar is now worth about one penny.

Today’s changing economic realities and scandalous behavior by untrustworthy politicians are inspiring more and more Americans to seek protection from a declining paper currency and achieve portfolio diversification by owning high quality 19th Century U.S gold coins.

Truth is, physical gold coins are the ONLY asset that has faithfully served as the world’s ‘store of value’ currency since the dawn of history.

“But which is the BEST TYPE of gold coins to own now?” many Americans ask.

According to, the answer is Classic U.S. twenty-dollar gold pieces minted during the late 19th Century – which offer protection, privacy and profit potential superior to other forms of gold.

U.S. Liberty Double Eagle gold pieces from the 1800’s were among the most prized possessions of America’s frontiersmen. Rediscover the lasting value of early American gold for yourself today.

Swiss America has secured a limited supply of America’s most historic, yet undervalued, gold pieces.

Call Swiss America, and ask about Classic U.S. Gold coins.

Request a FREE copy of the special report titled, “Coined Freedom” by calling: 800-289-2646 or visiting online at:
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