LIVE on #Periscope: 6 Things You Should Know Before Applying To A Social Media Job #SM

Are you thinking about getting a job in social media? Here is some important information on the job roles in the social media industry. I wish I had been given this advice when I started!

#1) It is important to understand the hierarchy of a typical social media department. The highest social media role will more than likely be a Social Media (SM) Director. The SM Director typically will have an SM Manager and Coordinator working under him/her. As a generalization, a Coordinator is typically a recent college graduate, and a Manager usually has 2-5 years of experience. As a trend, many SM Directors have about 5-10 years of experience, including social media/digital and traditional marketing experience.

#2) If you are applying for a job in social media, it will help to have robust personal profiles. Social media is a fantastic industry with a low barrier of entry. What I mean by this is anyone can create a social media profile; there is nothing standing in your way! In an interview, talk about the success you have had branding yourself and demonstrate your social media knowledge and expertise.

#3) A social media job with a company that does not have a dedicated graphic designer will require you to have above average graphic design skills. Get educated with free resources and graphic design software. Learn the lingo; hex codes, spec size, and png should all become part of your lingo.
#4) Familiarize yourself with content management systems and contest hosting platforms. A large part of social media jobs include content management and interaction. Future employers want you to hit the ground running. Many CMS platforms offer a thirty-day trial. Know the ins and outs and pros and cons of the platform.

#5) Pride yourself on staying up to date. When hiring a social media professional, I usually test how “in tune” they are with the industry by asking for their opinion about a current event. It will eventually be your job to stay ahead of the curve, so start before you are even hired!

#6) The ability to connect the dots between social media and website analytics is a must-have skill. Find a way to know Google Analytics metrics like the back of your hand. Google offers free training!

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