Make Money Online Buying & Selling on Ebay is Lucrative – SUCCESS! – Motivating Monday #10

This is another avenue in which we make money. We buy straight from Ebay focusing on lots and turn around and individually sell items. The advantage is that we do not spend money on gas. The disadvantage is sometimes it is a toss up what you are buying because you can not personally inspect each piece.

Therefore we have spent a lot of time researching our niche so we are comfortable in our purchases.

Nothing we say is a rule! There are no rules, think outside the box! Be your own boss. We hope that we give you some ideas that will benefit you, or at very least you find our videos entertaining and always come back for more!

We do not give advice and any recommendations are taken at your own risk.

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Also, please note that I’m an average person like everyone else. As professional as I try to be… At the same time I try to be unprofessional because I want everyone to know that I’m a real person and this is real life!

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