Metal Detecting Hack: How to Make A Treasure Container

Here I show a nifty little trick where I make a container that you can store your treasure in when you are metal detecting in the river or under water. With this treasure jar, you will never lose your coins, rings or sharks teeth from your digging bag.

WWII Relic Hunting/Metal Detecting Episode V: This is a video of our February tour .We spent two days on the former Eastern Front, visiting multiple locations. Though it was a really short trip, we found some very good relics. We found a Sturmgewehr 44 or StG44, the Soviet PPSh-41, a German Karabiner 98 or Kar98/K98 and a total of 3 helmets, the M42 (2x) and the M40. We also found lots of smaller finds, like a tank track, a Wehrmacht belt buckle, war time coins, canteens, mess tins, casings etc. Our advice: don’t skip the video, just sit back and enjoy 🙂 Feel free to post comments or ask questions. Enjoy the video and take the tour with us! As always, nothing we find is for sale!

This is a new upload, but old footage. We wanted to add some new footage and information, hence the new video. Sorry for any inconvenience, we hope you still enjoy!

Disclaimer: this video has no political motive or whatsoever, we only want to show you the traces of history that can still be found. Apart from the rules and laws that apply to the specific areas we visit, we always make sure the environment is not damaged and that potential dangerous and illegal finds to possess, such as unexploded ordnance, are reported to the right authorities. We are also aware of the possibilityof finding a missing soldier or ID tags. In case we would find such a thing, we will always inform the right authorities (which we have done several times after finding ID tags) and stop digging ourselves. We will let the experts take over and let them identify and rebury the soldier. We will never take any belongings. Nothing we find is for sale. We don’t dig for profit, but because we love history and we want to preserve the objects we find. We have never sold a thing, and we never will. Asking about it is useless. Thanks.

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Dear viewers, recently we received several offers from different people to buy the video material we shot on our trips, as well as information about our finds and locations, to be used in films or documentaries (mostly about the international market in military objects). We’ve even been asked to take a film crew with us on one of the trips.

We have declined all these offers, because a) we don’t do this for money and b) since we have never sold a thing we have found (and never will) we do not want to help making a video about the relic market. If there’s one stereotype we don’t want to support, it’s that of the the amateur digger who sells his finds to the highest bidder.

We explicitly do not give permission to use the video material of our finds without our consent. Thanks for your understanding.

Our equipment:

XP Gmaxx II
XP Gmaxx II
XP Gmaxx II
White’s Matrix M6
White’s TM-808
Canon Powershot A1200
Kodak ZX5 Playsport
GoPro Headcam 2x
Panasonic HC V510

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End Game by Per Kiilstofte (
Rallying the Defense by Per Kiilstofte (Machinimasound)

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WWII Metal detecting videos – обнаружения металла, мировая война 2, мировая война 2 обнаружения металла
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