Periscope 101 Intro

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Periscope is a very well-polished live streaming app with 24 hour replay

Getting Started:
1. Choose your Periscope username wisely. You can login with Twitter or a phone number. Think about branding. You can add another Periscope account, but you can’t change your handle once it is established.

2. Add a good image to represent yourself, your brand

3. Write a bio and consider adding keywords, emojis, hashtags that represent what your broadcasts will be about

4. Remember to create engaging titles with hashtags as well

5. Find some followers

6. Set your broadcast to post to twitter if you’d like to alert your followers or simply turn that notification off while in the app on the broadcast screen

7. Once you go live, double-tap screen to show you or keep it as is to direct towards whatever it is you’d like to catpure

8. Consider investing in a tripod with flexible legs i.e. Joby Gorillapod for cell phones

9. You can also alert your FB and Google + followers and friends when you will be live. If you know ahead of time, send out a broadcast to your email list.

10. Practive your opening and closing or just go and have a blast:)

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Ideas for Broadcasts:
1. Product Launches
2. Product demonstrations
3. Contests
4. Pick a name of a product
5. Q&A and Reverse Q&A
6. Top 5 tips or Top 10 tips
7. #Networkmarketing Tips
8. #Mindset Tips and Strategies
9. Read books with your audience
10. Expose your fan into your life…

This list can go on endlessly and I’ll be back to add more tips.

Meredith OMalley is a H2H Marketer who vows to ethically and honestly share marketing strategies and tips to help grow any business online. Meredith is a home business & Social Media Consultant. Follow @Learn_Get_Leads

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Distributors from these Companies in Direct Sales can benefit from using Periscope for engagement (in order of revenue from 2014) – Meredith has trained many distributors from these companies:
1 Amway .80B
2 Avon .90B
3 Herbalife .00B
5 Vorwerk .90B
7 Infinitus .64B
8 Tupperware .60B
9 Nu Skin .57B
10 JoyMain .00B
11 Oriflame .68B
13 Belcorp .40B
14 Primerica .34B
15 Tiens .16B
16 Telecom Plus .10B
17 New Era 8M
18 Stream Energy 8M
19 Miki 8M
20 Yanbal 6M
21 Shaklee 4M
22 ACN 7M
23 Pola 0M
25 DXN 0M
26 Cosway 9M
27 Isagenix 5M
28 Thirty-One GIFTS 3M
29 Noevir 2M
30 For You 0M
31 It Works! 8M
33 Rolmex 2M
34 Forbes Lux 1M
36 Arbonne 6M
37 Apollo 8M
38 Jeunesse 9M
38 Scentsy 9M
40 Nerium 3M
41 Yofoto 0M
42 Team National 9M
45 KK Assuran 2M
46 For Days 0M
47 WorldVentures 2M
48 PartyLite 7M
49 4Life Research 2M
50 Rodan + Fields 0M
51 Viridian 8M
52 LG Household & HEALTHCARE 1M
53 PM-International 3M
53 Naturally Plus 3M
53 Menard COSMETICS 3M
56 Plexus Worldwide 0M
57 LR Health & Beauty 3M
58 Sunhope 8M
59 Naris Cosmetics 2M
60 Origami Owl 0M
60 Charle 0M
62 Family Heritage Life 7M
63 Southwestern 5M
64 Japan Life 9M
65 Longrich 4M
66 Pro-Health 1M
67 LifeVantage 4M
67 Organo Gold 4M
69 Take Shape For Life 6M
70 Maruko 5M
71 Diana 4M
74 BearCere’Ju 5M
75 Hy Cite 8M
77 Princess House 1M
78 AnRan 0M
79 Koyo-sha 5M
81 Youngevity 4M
82 Natural Health Trends 5M
83 Arsoa Honsha 8M
84 5LINX 9M
84 CVSL 9M
86 Kelti 2M
86 Akasuka 2M
88 Chandeal M
89 Ion Cosmetics M
90 Golden Sun M
91 Ten Fu Tenmax M
92 Vision Int’l People Group M
93 Nefful International M
93 Kasly Ju M
95 Nature Care M
97 Immunotec M
99 Zurvita M

In this episode of Periscope 101 with @raygcreative (, I walk you through the process of creating your very first account and getting started with this new live streaming app. The tutorial is a replay from the original broadcast and I’m using an Apple iPhone 6 Plus to demonstrate step by step how to start your periscope account and do your first scope.

If you still have any questions please feel free to follow me on Periscope or Twitter under the same name @raygcreative.

Periscope Tutorials For Beginners
On this page you will find raw Periscope tutorials for beginners from your host @raygcreative coming straight from Periscope.

Did you miss me (@raygcreative) on periscope and it’s been more than 24hrs?
Don’t worry, all tutorials will be posted here and on YouTube shortly after the initial Scope is over.

Who are you?
My name is Ray Garcia and I’m a digital marketer, graphic designer and social media expert. I’ve been using Periscope since the minute it hit the apple app store. You can also find me on Periscope, Meerkat, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat under the same handle: @raygcreative.

Who is this for?
This is for people who are looking to start using the Periscope App but have questions and have no one to ask.

What is covered?
I cover Periscope how-to’s and give tips and tricks mainly for beginners but occasionally I will cover more advanced tips. During the tutorials you will find very honest and straight forward information.

Who is he talking to?
If you haven’t been on Periscope yet, you will find that occasionally I will be reading comments on my screen but you’re unable to see them. The reason for this is because comments do not appear on the camera roll recordings of Scopes. However, comments do appear on the 24hr replay of the scope if you go to Periscope find and follow me (@raygcreative) and look at my latest scopes within the last 24hrs.

Why is the screen on portrait mode?
This is raw video coming straight from Periscope and that’s the way it displays on Periscope.

I still have questions
If you still have questions and would like my help, please head over to periscope and follow me by searching for @raygcreative and catch me on my next scope and juts ask. Also, you can find me on very active on Twitter and Instagram.
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