Periscope Marketing | What Is Periscope And How Does Periscope Work

Periscope Marketing | What is Periscope And How Does it Work

Periscope is a new social platform created by Twitter that allows you to stream live from your smartphone to people all over the world! These broadcast are also known as scopes and with that broadcast you’re able to talk about whatever you want and engage
with your audience live on the broadcast.It’s the hottest social thing out right now and it’s very addictive once you start scoping!

How do you market your business and services using this platform? Well I’m giving away free training on how to generate 3-5 leads per broadcast. This training is valued at 9 but I’m giving it away for free to help you set up your profile the right way which
is in the training and how to engage with the people that show up for your broadcast!

This training is an hour and thirty minutes long so bring some notes and get ready to plug into this phenomenal training.

In this video I talk about what all you get just for signing up to get this free training. A 23 page pdf check guide to help you get on the right track with your periscope profile and also free templates to help you set up your recording for blogs, Facebook and YouTube.
Another thing is that once your scopes are done with they will go away from Periscope after 24 hours.

This training is all you need to get yourself up and running and to start to generate leads for your business so be sure to take notes and share some of your results that your having from this free training! Again go to the link at the bottom or at the top to get plugged in.

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LIVE on #Periscope: Here’s why it’s OK to Copy other Marketers #marketing #marketingtips #onlinemarke

✨Danielle Ford✨ on Periscope

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“LIVE on #Periscope: Here’s why it’s OK to Copy other Marketers #marketing #marketingtips #onlinemarke″
” Here’s Why It’s OK To Copy Other Marketers ”

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