3 Strategies For Managing Obsolete Blog Content

How To Deal With Old Obsolete Blog Posts



Do you have blog content on your site that is outdated? This could be exceptionally harming for your business. It could be the primary blog entry your potential client runs over. In this video, we share 3 strategies to manage outdated blog content. It’s significant that you utilize one of these strategies.

Is it true that you are sending potential new clients to old posts on your blog that are obsolete?

Or, on the other hand…

… .do you have old posts on your site that never get any activity?

Both of these things are terrible for your site, so you have to take care of them.

What’s more, here’s the reason. Delivering new or updated posts all the time may not generally act as you would expect it.

A ton of blog content basically doesn’t create progressing movement from Google. This is the reason the most prevalent and high-activity content sites on the Web concentrate on quality over amount. Read more

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How to Keep Google From Penalizing Your Syndicated Content


Learn how to thwart Google search penalties for duplicate content and how to treat syndicated content so it doesn’t hurt ranking. – Content Marketing%image_alt% Institute

Syndicated content… woa what it’s that? That’s when you push out the content on your site, or video to a third party site. But you can learn more just click on the source link below and get the whole scoop on not getting penalized by Google when you syndicate your content.

Source: How to Keep Google From Penalizing Your Syndicated Content 

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