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Werribee Park mansion built for the Chirnside family between 1874 and 1877. Victorian style bedroom.
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Image by denisbin
Werribee Park mansion former home of Thomas and Andrew Chirnside and later it became a Catholic Seminary from 1922 until 1973.

The Chirnside brothers were early pastoralists in NSW and SA . The bulk of their pastoral properties were in the Western Districts of what became the state of Victoria. They had Mt William run in the Grampians from 1842. Others runs were soon acquired and the canny Scots made a fortune with runs along the Wannon River and near Camperdown and Skipton.
Thomas decided to settle at Werribee although he had 90,000 acres of runs near Camperdown and Skipton. He acquired land at Werribee in the early 1850s and eventually built a grand bluestone mansion on the property from 1874 to 1877. It had more than 60 rooms.

Brother Andrew made his
head base at Skipton. Once Werribee Park mansion was built Thomas moved into the mansion too. It was Thomas who donated land and money for the building of the Presbyterian church in Werribee. Thomas never married and suffered from depression. He committed suicide in 1887 and left his share of the freehold properties to his brother Andrew and to Andrew’s sons. It is said that he loved Andrews wife and had wanted to marry her himself. His brother Andrew died just three years later in 1890.

Andrews sons lived in the mansion until 1922 when it was sold. It was the largest private mansion in Victoria.

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