Why You Are Missing Quota – Young Hustlers Live @ 12PM EST

In this edition of Young Hustlers Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt tell you why you are missing quota. First, there is no quota too high. Nobody is missing quota because of laziness. If someone throws 1 million dollars down on the floor everyone is jumping up to get some. People lack purpose, clarity, and training. 87% of salespeople miss quota! In reality, the word quota can be replaced by potential.

7 reasons You miss quota

1.Not enough people—you have 50 people but you need 150.
2.Disengaged people—they don’t go for leads that are right in front of them.
3.No accountability—show me the numbers. Nobody gets audited.
4.Mistakes—you can’t be screwing up basic things.
5.No daily training—the sword must be sharpened each day to stay on pace.
6.Unable to handle customer obstacles—how can one close without closes?
7.Being allowed to settle—thinking it’s ok to miss quota. Never settle!

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Actual Live Sales Call Sales Training

Sales training expert Grant Cardone demonstrates how to handle ACTUAL Live Sales Calls and videos it for you to learn from. Watch this video and make notes of the exact techniques used to handle price objections, justify the price and close and then lock the deal down.

If you’re not first, you’re last

Raw footage of sales expert grant cardone making sales calls.

In this video Grant Cardone does a special walk through the sales office – on the fly he shows by example how to close actual live sales calls – Sales managers video tips for managing sales room and taking charge to close actual sales opportunities.

Learn from the business expert as he handles some clients that are deciding on whether they should pull the trigger on buy a product. Learn sales training from the master as he literally walks you through the process and taking charge of a client and closing a sale.

In this video Grant Cardone handles two different sales calls from clients that were reluctant to close a sale and he works his sales magic by breaking down the facts and making the clients understand the massive value that his products offer.

Take charge of your own sales training and learn what you need to do in order to close sales by visiting http://GrantCardone.com and subscribe to the sales training series that is available at either http://CardoneOnDemand.com or http://CardoneUniversity.com
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Tony Robbins 2015 News Best – Tony Robbins Live at the National Achievers Congress 2015

Tony Robbins 2015 News Best - Tony Robbins Live at the National Achievers Congress 2015

Tony Robbins 2015 News Best – Tony Robbins Live at the National Achievers Congress 2015

Tony Robbins (born Anthony J. Mahavorick; February 29, 1960) is an American motivational speaker,[1] personal finance instructor, and self-help author. He became well known from his infomercials and self-help books: Unlimited Power, Unleash the Power Within and Awaken the Giant Within.
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