Fullscope Analytics Software For Periscope Broadcasters Launch Day

Fullscope, a Periscope analytics software program by creator Casey Zeman launched today into full swing.

How Does It Work?

1. Measure and compare your broadcasts
2. Grow, market and track your most engaged viewers/fans and follow up with them.
3. Re-use your broadcasts to build your business
4. Run ads and build your email list at the same time (coming soon)


FINALLY…a solution for knowing your most engaged audience!

Sign up and create your free account today while we are in Beta…

Sign up now at: http://www.fullscope.tv

Fullscope.tv™ is a complete analytics and marketing software that provides you the most detailed insights from your Periscope Broadcasts. (And other live stream applications)

You can filter out the top engaged viewers and then market/craft your broadcasts based on that data!

Get connected to Fullscope: http://www.fullscope.tv

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QA Manual Testing Training – Software TestingLife Cycle , Creating Test cases , levels of Testing

Purchase all QA Manual videos taught by Mrs.Vineela here : ” www.qatestingtraining.com/course/qa-training-online/ ”

1. STLC – Software Testing Life cycle

2. How to test an Application?
-Black Box Testing
-White Box testing [Development]

3. Levels of Testing
– Unit Testing [Developers]
– Integration Testing
– System testing
– User Acceptance testing

4. What is Test Case?
It is defined as a case/ an angle / perception with which the specific functionality can be tested. In other words it is defined as possibility or a chance in which the probability of finding defect is more.
– Types of Test Cases

Please watch Day 1 Video here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbpsAQDU3Js

http://edwardbrodrick.com/video-creating-software-easy-video-suite-easy-video-suite-review-video-screen-capture/ Video Creating Software

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Easy Video Suite is the most powerful software available.Watch Easy Video Suite Review using Video Screen Capture.

This Video Creating Software Easy Video Suite can
record, edit, optimize, compress, upload,
publish, market and track all of your
videos with just ONE easy-to-use system? Watch the easy video suite review to show you how.

It automatically makes multiple versions
of all your videos in the background so they
can be viewed on any device (including mobile)?

It split tests your videos and automatically
serves up the best version based on multiple
factors (sales, tweets, Facebook shares)?

Joshua Bartlett is the creator of the
most widely-used video player in theVideo Easy Suite Video Creating Software area. Feedback from tens of thousands of his
satisfied customers gave him an exact blueprint
of how video marketing would look in
a perfect world. If you want to find out how you can eliminate all the headaches of video marketing… record, edit, publish,
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ridiculously simple system, then Easy Video Suite is the only piece of Video Creating Software you need!!

Easy Video Suite the Video Creating Software comes with a full NO questions asked, 60-day money-back guarantee! Just take a look at some of the Easy Video Suite reviews.

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“It’s an exceptional product.. you definitely won’t find anything else even close to the level of quality and power that Easy Video Suite produces..”

Try it for yourself you’ll be amazed.

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Click here to view more on Video Creating Software- Easy Video suite:http://edwardbrodrick.com/video-creating-software-easy-video-suite-easy-video-suite-review-video-screen-capture/
Watch the video: http://youtu.be/f79AoAVIoHU

Creating a Video Mix using trakAxPC Video Editing Software.

http://trakax.com/software/pc/download/ – This short video will show you how quick and easy it is to create a professional video mix using video footage, photos, narrations and soundtracks in trakAxPC Pro. The video covers new features such as automatic crossfading, segment snapping, sticky nodes, video effects and transitions and more.
For further information, please see http://www.trakax.com

Explaindio Video Creator Purchase Link: http://marbarmarketing.com/recommends/explaindio-1

CUSTOMER APPRECIATION BONUSES- Yes, you read it correctly. Not just ONE, but TWO very special video creation bonuses when you PURCHASE Explaindio Video Creator using the link above!

Bonus 1- “Video Creation Scientist” report includes:
-The best way to figure out what type of video you need to create to fulfill all of your current objectives.
-Learn about the best video creation tools available, and how to use them to create stunningly professional videos even if you’ve never made a video in your life!
-Find out which resources you absolutely must have for your videos, and where to get legally licensed resources cheaply!
-Uncover the best video creation methods for creating videos that will sell like crazy and make you more money!
Bonus 2- “Video Tools Mastery” report includes:
-Uncover the secrets to creating cool and effective videos using inexpensive online tools without any experience whatsoever!
-Find out about the killer tool you can use to analyze your videos to find out what people like and don’t like, letting you fine tune every video for better conversions!
-Discover methods for promoting your videos, pushing thousands more views in no time flat!
-Learn how to get super effective voiceovers for your videos even if you don’t want to do them yourself!

Both of these special video reports will help you get the most out of your new Explaindio Video Creator. All you need to do to get your hands on these two “killer’ video reports is to do the following:
1. Purchase Explaindio Video Creator using the link:
2. Copy your JVZoo purchase information that you will be e-mailed once you have purchased Explaindio
3. Paste a copy of the JVZoo purchase information into a new e-mail and sent it to support@marbarmarketing.com .

After we validate your purchase we will PERSONALLY e-mail you a copy of both of these “hot” video reports as pdf documents that you can access immediately online or print to read later.

Explaindio may be the best video making software ever released. Perhaps its greatest strengths as a video maker is its versatility and ease of use. Whether you need to make an explainer video, make your own animation or whiteboard sketches, this video maker software does it all, plus you can combine different components to make a video containing all 3 with HD video playing in the background. This makes Explaindio an ideal youtube video maker for online business marketers as well as local video marketers. Explaindio Video Creator’s ease of use makes it a great choice for complete beginners interested in learning how to make a video. As shown in this Explaindio Review, if you need a videomaker with lots of bells and whistles, that is both affordable and easy to use, Explaindio is a video creator that will meet all your video creation needs now and in the future.

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How To Make a Awesome YouTube Intro Video FREE (Easy & No Software) 2014

Learn how to add the intro to your video!

A tutorial to demonstrate how to make a good YouTube intro video for free in 2014. It’s extremely simple to do and no software, no downloads needed! http://www.flixpress.com/
Watch the intro I made! http://youtu.be/WSxpX64jRuw

ASK any questions, concerns you may have. I respond to ALL comments and messages! All suggestions and feedback are welcomed! Keep tuned in for more videos soon!
Thanks for watching and feel free to comment and like.

Muwen360: https://twitter.com/muwen360
Muwen360: http://goo.gl/rzygXh
Email me! muwentutorials@gmail.com

Want to Create Quality intros with Video Intros

-▶ http://BestVideoIntros.com ◀-
Create Epic Video Intros
-▶ http://jbnvideomarketing.com/tips/create-video-intro ◀-

-▶ http://BestVideoIntros.com ◀-

How to download your video from animoto http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zp0NerQq0Ic
Create Epic Video Intros
-▶ http://jbnvideomarketing.com/tips/create-video-intro ◀-

how to make a intro for youtube videos tutorial

1.Create an animoto account click here to access Animoto video intro maker

2. Select your style

3. Add the required text units you need and a movie image, we need the movie image to render the project.

4. Add text to your text units

5. find a tune you like for your intro then add it

6. go create the project.

How to create a video intro

In this video I used Animoto to create a video intro, i used screenflow on my mac to record the how to create a video intro in under 3 minutes.

If you need a step by step process on how to make a video intro do this, add it on to the comment below and subscribe so you can be updated when its done.

Want more youtube traffic visit http://www.jbnvideomarketing.com/

How To Get More Youtube Views Tutorial – Youtube Suggest Keyword Search – part 1

How To Get More Views on Youtube – Increase Youtube Search Views – Part 2

What is Invideo Programming & How to use Invideo Programming to Increase Youtube Views

If your looking for high quality video intros I recommend the braproductions channel they use sony vegas software.

The great thing about this is that you dont need sony vegas to make a video intro or even adobe after effects.
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