Three Things Between You and Money – Cardone Zone

Today on the Cardone Zone Grant explains how if you make 100K a year you are a rich poor person. The problem is nobody is going to feel sorry for you. If you make ,000 a year people will feel sorry for you, but if you make 0,000 nobody cares—but both scenarios are broke. There’s no money left over.

Financial planners always ask you about your savings but they never ask you about your income plan. It’s all backward. You need more income. What keeps you from money?

1.Your commitment. If you are committed to 50K you will come up short. Make a commitment to big money. If you don’t make more than 100K a year you have nothing to save.

2.Who’s Got Your Money? Who’s got money around you, what do they need, and what objections do they have? You have to learn to sell and get money from people.

3.You don’t know what to do with it once you get it. Few people know when to invest or what to invest in.

What’s keeping you from money?

Is it your commitment, the fact that you don’t know where to get money, or that you blow it all once you get it?

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5 Things Every Artist Needs to Sell Art Online

5 Things Every Artist Needs to Sell Art Online – Cory & Melissa from discuss the five things every artist needs to sell their art online.

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Like living in a world like being in a cruise ship, the world is not a harbor for the ship docked, but only just docked to drink, simply unwind and then sail to ports that have been in the hearts aspire. The situation was always murky world of pleasure, a lot of the load, dark appearance, color changing, and always mixed with turbidity and misery, are you living in the world in difficult circumstances.
You will not have a father, a wife, a friend, or a noblemen, and not also something of a residence or job, but is always colored by muddying things, even sometimes have a downside. Therefore, hot fire extinct his wickedness with good cold water, because a severe problem that requires a way of handling the weight well. In each case needed to overcome each one wisely, so you can take advantage of safely.
Allah does wish for the life of this world to combine the two things are contradictory, the two types, two groups, and two opinions, between good and bad, worthy and damaged, happy and sad. Furthermore, all good, worthy, and who likes to just get in heaven, is all that bad, damaged, and the sad only can be in hell. In a hadist mentioned as follows: “The world is indeed doomed. All that is in it damned, except praying to Allah and all associated with it, the pious people, and people who study engineering. ” Therefore, Live it your life according to what they are. Do you washed away by the illusion, but make yourself flying high in the natural idealism. Face the world you think it is; accustom yourself to appreciate and fulfil. In this world you will not find a friend also of good will nor event nothing is perfect, because sincerity, excellence, and integrity are not including world affairs and not a major character.
No one of wives perfect for you. In a hadist , it is stated: “Let not a believing man hate a believing woman (who became his wife), because if he does not like one habits, maybe he likes habits others.

10 Banned Things On Amazon

10 Banned Things On Amazon

Amazon is the biggest online retailer, selling a wide variety of products to suit our every need. But there’s some products that even Amazon can’t sell you.

AllTime 10s introduces you to Amazon’s banned items, including Nazi memorabilia, magnetic balls that can tear up your insides and a video game that allows players to rape women!

Top 10 Banned Cartoons –

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