What Is Periscope? … My First Periscope Experience

What Is Periscope? ... My First Periscope Experience

What Is Periscope? … My First Periscope Experience

You may have heard the buzz about Periscope, but what is Periscope exactly?

What Is PeriscopeWell, this week I had my first experience, which was very nerve wracking (but fun!)

Since then I’ve done a few more and learning a whole lot along the way.

So, I thought I’d share what it is … and what my first time on this new app was like.

Now, if you’re thinking …

“Oh no, not ANOTHER social media thing I have to learn … don’t worry, this is SUPER easy and actually a lot more fun that many others.

Anyone else finding apps like Instagram a little boring now?

Anyway … here’s what I learned.

I hope you get value and let me know if you have any questions because I’m currently doing a course on this and will have lots more to share.

In fact, we’re at the time where you can start now and be an early adopter and reap all the rewards.

This one is going to be big for sure.

How do I know?

Because MANY top online marketers and network marketers are ALL OVER THIS!

They see the vision.

Now, watch the video below and see why 🙂

So, What Is Periscope?

Periscope is a new live streaming app.

It allows people to film from anywhere in the world live from their phone and followers can view it.

This means you could film yourself and share some interesting info or you could show someone your surroundings eg. You could show them a museum you’re visiting or a house you are viewing for sale.

It was purchased by Twitter in March 2015 for a reported 0-million dollars and as of July 2015 there are 7-million people on Periscope.
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