‘WP Scope’ by Cindy Battye: How to Monetise ‘Periscope’ – Twitter’s Live Video Streaming Platform

WPScope is the brand new cutting-edge viral marketing plugin from Cindy Battye that delivers HOT trending videos to your WordPress blog and draws FREE traffic, leads and sales from an untapped and rapidly growing audience … by curating video content from Twitter’s Periscope platform: http://scrnch.me/fxime

As you probably know, Twitter recently (April 2015) acquired the live video streaming platform ‘Periscope’. What you may not know is that Periscope’s subsequent rise in popularity has been absolutely phenomenal with a million users gained during the first 10 days alone.

Periscope currently pumps out 10 years of new live video content every day, making it the fastest growing video platform ever. And yet its potential seems to be largely ignored by most of the Internet marketing community.

Not so Cindy Battye, who has created a very cool piece of software designed to tap into the massive and yet still growing audience of ‘Scopers’ that feed off the enormous number of live videos that are broadcast each day on Periscope.

Her software is a WordPress plugin which she calls WP Scope. It works by creating an optimised autopilot blog made up of high quality and in-demand video ‘Scopes’ curated from Periscope.

These ‘Scopes’ have a lifetime of only 24 hours on Periscope itself after which they are deleted. However, the WP Scope software ensures that this high quality video content will ‘live forever’ on your blog, attracting large volumes of FREE traffic which you can ultimately convert into customers; or perhaps better still into subscribers to your newsletters enabling you to build a list of long-term repeat customers.

WP Scope comes with a number of really cool automated viral features. For example, there is ‘Auto-Syndication’: This means that all curated ‘Scopes’ are uploaded automatically to your YouTube channel – thus building another audience and creating more SEO-friendly links back to your blog.

And there is an ‘Auto-Share’ feature which spreads the word by automatically posting back to your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

To gain a full appreciation of the benefits that WP Scope can bring to your online business we would recommend that you visit Cindy’s website and you can do this quickly and easily by clicking the link (above) directly under this video.

We wish you well.
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